Ronald Acuña leaves the game on a stretcher against Marlins with a leg injury

Ronald Acuña JR is injured and goes out on a stretcher.

ANDThe outlook does not look promising for Atlanta Braves. Ronald Acuna Jr had to leave the game before Marlins after injuring his right leg after managing to catch a ball in right field.

It was in the fifth inning that Acuña jumped to get a Chisholm Jazz ball. As he fell he collided with the fence and collapsed on the field touching his knee that would have caught when he fell.

Even though he tried to go out on his own, couldn’t walk to the dugout and had to get in the car of assists to help you quit the game.

The injury doesn’t just worry the Braves and it was also considered for the All-Star Game thanks to its statistics of .281 batting, with 24 homers and 52 RBIs this season for the Braves.

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