Ricky Rubio presents a book about the English of basketball

blond has been the main protagonist of the presentation of Speak
Basketball, an original book about the English used in basketball. The crack of the Timberwolves has contributed his experience, hand in hand with the method Vaughan, to complete this project that links teaching English with a love for the game.

“We liked the idea and we understood that in addition to being useful and very practical to become familiar with the language, we could also promote its use and potential among the children of our Community Team project”, explained Rubio in the telematic presentation that took place this Tuesday.

Ricky has been accompanied by Richard Vaughan, the teacher of millions of English speakers around the world, from Alberto de Miguel, Professor of Vaughan, graduated in health sciences from the University of Whitworth (Spokane, WA) and responsible for the edition of the book, and Ruben Palomero, editorial manager and promoter of the project.

“I will always remember that, when I came to the NBA, in the timeout of a game I tried to explain to my teammates how we had to prepare a play … I realized that they did not understand me. For a base, communication is very important, talking a lot in those moments … I wish I had had a book like that, handy, when I landed in the US. There are many expressions in the book that help you understand the game, the history and the characters of the NBA, ”he explained. Ricky, who, thanks to the effort to learn English quickly, was able to integrate better precisely ten years ago by signing for the Minnesota

The author of the book, Alberto de Miguel, left basketball to train first as a sanitary, finally, as a result of his years in the US, signing for Vaughan. From
Michael invites the general public to get involved in this learning adventure, stating that “Speak Basketball is a very visual book, divided into different chapters and sections with exercises, during which we seek to hook the reader and make their learning process more enjoyable and entertaining. ”.

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