Ricky Rubio has many doubts about the Olympics

The Spanish base Ricky Rubio He assured this Wednesday that “there are many doubts” about his presence this summer at the Tokyo Olympics and that he prefers to make the decision personally to “avoid influence from other channels.”

“Of course I have respect for the coach (Sergio Scariolo). Let’s talk and, when the final decision has to be announced, it will be done,” explained the player in an interview with EFE, after insisting that the decision is “something very personal”.

blond, who visited children with cancer at the Vall d’Hebrón hospital in Barcelona, ​​whom he helps with his foundation, supposes that Pau Gasol Yes, he will be in the Games after “how he has returned, that he has gone from less to more and it seems that there is no limit.

“I have spoken with him, but in the end because he has also been a father, we have things in common and we continue a relationship. But the professional issue we have not talked about so much. The final point is going to be him, because we have seen that neither the injuries separate him, “said the Catalan about the withdrawal or not of Gasoline at the end of the season.

The base of the Minnesota Timberwolves praised the ambition of the center and the season of his last team in Europe, the Barça, which has been “very regular, very solid”, in a year in which it has won the Copa del Rey and the Endesa League with a “sweeping finish”.

“Everyone knew it was a winning project and aspired to the maximum. He has done everything possible, he only lacked one game to make the triplet and he has to give value to everything. Reaching a final (of the Euroleague) does not it’s easy, we know how much it costs, ” blond, winner in 2010 of the last Barça continental title.

Another of the proper names at the end of the Barça season has been that of the Argentine Leandro bolmaro, who could be a companion of Ricky next year in Minnesota (the team has its NBA rights), although the Masnou team has not spoken with him and does not know what role he could have because there is all summer in between.

“There is a place (for Bolmaro) because he has shown the quality he has. Physique he has to be in the best league in the world. Also, since I don’t know him, I don’t really know where his head is, but he has a place in the NBA for sure” , valued.

Own Ricky He does not know if he will continue in Minnesota next season after a tough comeback course, despite the fact that he has a year left on his contract and the franchise has shown no interest in transferring him. What is clear is that he wants “to be in a ‘play-off’ team”.

“I’ve been in the league for 10 years and I’ve only played ‘play-offs’ for two. And now watching the ‘play-offs’ is something that motivates, which is different and that’s why you’re there. There’s a lot of work behind it, but in the end I want to have an important role, but being in a play-off team, “he insisted.

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