Rick Pitino leaves the Greek team after failing to qualify for the Olympics

The defeat of Greece at the tournament pre-olympic against the Czech Republic has already claimed its first victim. Rick
Pitino, the national coach of the Hellenic team, has announced that he is leaving his position after failing to get a ticket to the Tokyo Games.

Greece, who surpassed in a great performance Turkey in the semifinals of the tournament, they fell to the Czechs clearly in the match that awarded the last olympic square of the summer.

“There is no future for me. I’m here already as an ex-coach”Pitino declared at the press conference after the meeting. “This was a unique opportunity for me but that’s it; in Greece they don’t even know who will lead the federation yet ”, he settled.

Pitino, who volunteered to coach the national team and I wasn’t even making an income for it, thus ends his stage at the head of the Hellenic country, with many scuffles with the federation and other classes of Greek basketball.

Before saying goodbye, he sent a message to the players: “and

ntrain them he has been fabulous, his passion and dedication are incredible. I will always be cheering you on from a distance

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