Raventós will continue to direct Fuenlabrada next season

The Barcelona coach Josep
Raventós, key in the permanence of Urbas
Fuenlabrada In the Endesa League, he will continue to lead the southern team of the Community of Madrid next season, with a one-year contract, automatically extendable to another if he maintains the category again.

With five victories in the ten meetings he led Raventós since he assumed the bench of the Fuenlabreño team in March replacing Javier
Juarez, four of them in the first seven duels, the Fuenlabrada he assured the permanence three days before the end of the championship.

After achieving the result, Raventós He assured that he would like “very much” to continue in the club, and the president of the entity, José Quintana, said that “they had no problem” in doing so as long as he kept “the DNA of the game”, among other matters, leader in another interview with EFE.

The talks have resulted in a two-season agreement with a 1 + 1 format, which means that if Fuenlabrada achieves permanence in the next season, the contract of Raventós lasts for another year.

The Barcelona coach arrived at Fuenlabrada in 2015 as Zan’s assistant Tabak, and since then he has served as a coach under coaches such as Jota Cuspinera, Agustí Julbe, Nestor ‘Che’ Garcia, Paco Garcia and Javier Juarez, having to assume command of the team in a timely manner in some situations, and from March on a provisional basis until the end of the season. The next season 2021-22 will lead the project from the beginning.

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