Popovich: “There are many good teams in the world, this should not be surprising.”

The coach of the men’s basketball team United States, Gregg popovich, has considered after the defeat of his team against France (83-76) in his debut in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics which is something that “should not be surprising” because there are “many good teams in the world”.

“Basketball is an international sport, there are many good teams in the group, it should come as no surprise. Teams like the French, the Australian, the Spanish … The talent gap has narrowed. France worked well, they were consistent on both sides of the court, it’s as simple as that, “he said. Popovich.

The Stars and Stripes coach insisted that his team must be “more consistent” to win the games.

“We had several advantages of 9 and 10 points, but we lacked a consistent defense, we had many errors, in offense in various possessions we did not move the ball, we did not have free shots. You have to understand it, work and move on,” he added.

United States had less success in field goals (25 hits of 69 shots, 36%) than France (29 out of 62, 47%), somewhat surprising on a team full of NBA players.

“Sometimes you are correct, other times you are not, it is not a question of a single aspect of the game that makes you win or not. They did not beat us because they were great but because they made good chances and scored triples,” he said. Popovich.

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