Pivot Leonardo Tote reinforces Bilbao Basket

The Italian pivot Leonardo
Tote, 23 years old and 2.11 meters tall, has joined RETAbet Bilbao
Basket loaned by him Fortitudo
Bologna to reinforce the Basque team in the five games remaining to finish the season, as confirmed by the Bilbao club.

Tote has averaged 8.6 points and 3.8 rebounds in the Italian league in the 19 minutes of play and also played the Champions
League, in which he faced precisely the Bilbao

The interior has been international with Italy in lower categories, and was called up with the senior team for the windows FIBA of the classification for the Eurobasket 2022, although it did not debut.

With the arrival of Tote the Bilbao Basket strengthens an interior game that has been greatly diminished in recent weeks by Ondrej’s losses due to covid Balvin, Arnoldas Kulboka and Regimantas Miniots.

The three players could not return to training last Saturday with their teammates, after the ten-day confinement that the Bilbao squad had to carry out when they still had symptoms of the virus.

The Bilbao team will play their permanence in the Endesa League in this final sprint of five games that they will have to face until the 23rd, the first of them this Wednesday in Peephole before Herbalife Gran canaria (6.30 pm).

Later they will also receive in the Bilbao
Sand to the Urbas Fuenlabrada Saturday 15 (20.45), Tuesday 18 to Hereda Saint Paul Burgos (18.30) and at Joventut from Badalona on Sunday 23 in a last league match still without a confirmed schedule.

Before that meeting with which they will close the season in Peephole, Alex’s Mumbrú they will visit the leader Real Madrid on Thursday 20 (21.15).

With only seven wins so far this season, the Bilbao
Basket is penultimate in the table, tied with bottom Acunsa GBC already two victories for Movistar Students.

To achieve permanence you must win at least three of those five games that will be four if Students, with which it has the ‘average’ lost, surpasses the Saint Paul Burgos in the only match that remains for the Madrid team to play.

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