Pedro Martínez: “They have been more intense”

Martinez, coach of the BAXI
Manresa, has been resigned this Sunday after the defeat harvested by his team in the field of Coosur
Betis (86-70), a match in which its players have “done what they could” after a “first half in which they lacked success” against a “more intense” rival.

Martinez pointed out that the Catalans were “surpassed in energy level”, in part because the premature injury of the German base Makai
Mason “so early it may have affected” because it occurred in a position where “the team was already fair, but it is what it is.”

The Barcelona coach stressed that “the minimum objectives” of his club, the permanence, “are taken with note” but “others seem to lack the necessary strength to reach them” against rivals who, like the Betics, “had marked the game because to they were key to permanence. “

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