Paul and Booker: “This is not over but we have to recover the essence”

The Milwaukee
Bucks they stormed the house of Phoenix
Suns to bring a deserved and worked triumph of his flag. At the end of the match, the players of the Suns they made self-criticism of the defeat suffered.

They were Devin Booker and Chris Paul sticking up for the Suns. “It was tough, a tough defeat for us,” admitted the guard. “Our goal is Milwaukee right now, this is not over “.

Paul also shared his partner’s opinion: “We knew this was not going to be easy, it is what we expected. We regroup, learn from the mistakes of this match and prepare for the sixth. There’s no more”.

Both players agreed that the movement of the ball was a problem for their team: “We can’t move the ball well, above all because of the defensive changes that they propose ”, Paul replied.

Booker agreed, adding that all year they have been a team that shares the ball and makes group work strong: “We will watch the game again and see what we can do better, we have to recover our essence”.

Another interesting issue in the match was defense. At times the game was a runner and it seemed that anyone could take the victory: “We have to impose our rhythm, not get carried away”Declared Paul bluntly.

“We haven’t seen anything yet, but we know what works and what doesn’t“Added Booker, who also believes the Suns have to get back the game that has made them one of the best teams of the season.

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