Pau Gasol will not be the oldest player to win the Euroleague

With the defeat of Barça at the end of the Euroleague 2020-2021 Pau Gasol has missed the opportunity to add to his record practically the only title that was missing. And he could also have become the oldest player to win a Euroleague or European Cup throughout history.

Gasol is almost 41 years old because today he is exactly 40 years, 10 months and 24 days.

The record is held by the Italian Dino Meneghin, who had 38 years and 3 months when he won the 1988 European Cup with the Tracer milan. Behind Meneghin the second position is occupied by a teammate of his from that team, the mythical Bob mcadoo, who was 37 years and 6 months old when the Milanese team took the trophy in Ghent’88.

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