Osaka to donate all profits in Cincinnati to Haiti

Osaka to donate all its profits in Cincinnati to Haiti

Haiti suffered a devastating 7.2 degree earthquake on the Richter scale this Saturday. The country is in a very complicated situation due to this earthquake and they will need a lot of help to try to rebuild it. Faced with the tragedy, the world of sports has not been strangers and many athletes have wanted to send their support to the citizens of the country.

Tennis player Naomi Osaka has gone one step further, with whom she has a great relationship with Haiti since her father was born there. “It really hurts to see all the devastation that is happening in Haiti, and I feel like we can’t really take a break. I am about to play a tournament this week (Cincinnati) and I will give all the prize money to the relief efforts for Haiti. I know that the blood of our ancestors is strong, we will continue to rise“noted the number three in the world on Twitter.

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