Only season ticket holders from last season will be able to access the Nou Congost

Manresa presented this Tuesday the season ticket campaign for the 2021-22 season, intended only for subscribers from last season, the only ones who will be able to renew their card and access the Nou
Congost as long as the sanitary restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic are not eliminated.

The previous season, 2,405 fans renewed their membership card and are the only ones who choose to renew their subscription with the Baxi
Manresa, until next July 30.

They will be able to do so by paying the same prices as the previous year but they will be able to enjoy one more competition, since the team will play the Champions, which is also included in the subscription.

“The campaign is aimed only at the subscribers who last season renewed their card and gave us their trust. We would like it to be for everyone, but we still do not know the fans who will be able to enter the pavilion. When we have more information about the public assistance to the pavilions, we will open the season tickets to more fans “, explained the club manager, Carles

The event was held in the Pou de la Llum (Well of light) by Manresa, the ideal place to present a campaign whose motto is ‘The light is already here’. And it is that, as the president of the Baxi
Manresa, Josep
Sàez, it seems that the light is seen at the end of the tunnel.

“We think that, if everything goes according to plan, our public will be able to return to the pavilion this next season. We only ask the fans to continue to trust us, and for those who still cannot have their card we ask for a little more patience”, manifested Sàez.

Therefore, until July 30 those who are already subscribers will have priority to renew. From then on, and when the exact capacity that the pavilions may have at the beginning of the League
Endesa, the club will open, if possible, a new period to purchase new season tickets and will put tickets on sale for each match.

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