Ohtani becomes pitcher with the most home runs in an MLB season

Ohtani makes major league history.

Lto Shohei Ohtani’s season in the majors is being dreamy and it is that not only has he served as a pitcher, but He has hit better than any other player in the Big Top and this Friday he made history.

Angels pitcher He hit his 30th homer of the season to continue leading the fight to be the King of the Home Run but also managed to be the pitcher with the most homers in MLB history.

The record was held by the legendary Babe Ruth, who hit 29 home runs in 130 games. of the 1919 season, something that cost Ohtani only 76 games.

Such is the quality of batting in Shohei who was chosen as the designated hitter in the next all-star game, something that nobody expected but that thanks to its numbers was won.

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