Obradovic’s Partizan, close to taking over Nemanja Bjelica

The Partizan Belgrade continues to work on completing its squad for next year. First it was the return of Zeljko Obradovic as a coach and afterwards it has been his investment and absolute commitment to form a champion team.

The latest information suggests that the next addition would be that of Nemanja
Bjelica. The Serbian player ends his NBA contract and could return to Europe to join his country’s team.

Just a few days ago the signing of Kevin
Punter for the team, a player who has signed a very high contract and will help give the club that leap in quality. The possible incorporation of Bjelica it would further improve a squad that already has a high level.

It should be noted that the Partizan will not play the Euroleague next year, but will play the EuroCup. One of the conditions of Obradovic to sign with the team was to spare no expense when making the squad and in view of the signings so far, it seems that they will not.

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