Novak (FIBA): “We need to protect sport”

Collaborate with the Euroleague but with conditions. That was the message that Kamil novak, executive director of FIBA Europe, has sent to the maximum continental competition during the celebration in Tel Aviv of the recent Final Four of the FIBA Europe Cup, won by the Ironi Nes Ziona. “We are open to collaboration but we need to protect the sport,” Novak told the Israeli media Israel Hayom. “Without a vision, sport will cease to exist. Many teams today do not have a solid plan for the future. Without a future there is no motivation, teams cannot find partners to help them. The hope for a better future pushes the teams to develop players and the players to work harder in the small clubs in order to reach the big ones ”.

The FIBA ​​Europe executive believes that maintaining sporting merits is the key. “Each sport has its top clubs. But other clubs aspire to reach this situation. This path requires hope for the future in order to get the sponsors and players necessary to achieve the goal. The fans don’t want anything to harm that competition, which is what drives everyone to work harder and improve. That’s why fans pay to watch basketball. “

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