Nikita Mazepin’s F1 career at risk: he will have to do military service in Russia

The pilot Nikita Mazepin (left), with his father the billionaire Dmitry Mazepin

The pilot Nikita Mazepin (left), with his father the billionaire Dmitry Mazepin
The pilot Nikita Mazepin (left), with his father Dmitry
AFP7 via Europa Press

Nikita mazepin is not in the Formula 1 for being a great pilot, but because his father is a billionaire with very good business connections. Although his performances on the track do not make him worthy of the seat at Haas that he has practically bought, few had anticipated that it is something totally alien to the sport that can get him out of the Great Circus.

Nikita Mazepin, Haas pilot

Who is Nikita Mazepin, driver of the Haas Formula 1 team

Mazepin is called up for do military service, which is mandatory in Russia. The Muscovite has just arrived in F1 and, if he does not manage to get away, he will have to leave next year at least for a few months. Dmitry Mazepin, factory owner Uralchem which controls most of the world’s industrial compost, he told about it at an economic forum in St. Petersburg.

“Nikita has 23 races to do this year, and he’s been advised to join the military. He said, ‘Dad, what should I do? I have a race every two weeks.’ Nobody wants to listen. But it’s not just about Nikita Mazepin, but everyone else who is in the same situation, “he explained. “If you are an athlete, you should go to the Institute of Physical Education. And what should they do at 25? I know all this from Nikita’s example. Nobody wants to listen. Moscow State University it is the only university that somehow does something. The State does not give a damn about them, all athletes. There is the CSKA, which somehow adapts, but this is not how it should be, “he exemplified about the Russian army club.

This situation has affected numerous athletes. Without leaving motorsport, Ferdinand of Habsburg He was serving military service in his native Austria last winter, although in his case it makes more sense: is the natural heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (his father is Archduke Carlos II) and, officially, his name is Fernando Zvonimir MarĂ­a Balthus Keith Miguel Otto Antal Bahnam Leonardo de Habsburgo and Lorena. As the future head of the family, the pilot (who has competed in the DTM or the World Endurance Championship, among other competitions) must maintain the protocol.

Son Heung-Min, in the final of the 2018 Asian Games.

Son Heung-Min gets rid of military service thanks to ROK gold medal

In case of They are, of TottenhamIt was very popular: thanks to the fact that he won the Asian Cup with South Korea, he got rid of military service, although he was very close. Also Israeli athletes, where the military is compulsory, or from Greece, have seen their careers cut momentarily. Brothers Antetokounmpo, Giannis and Thanasis, had to spend a few months off the basketball courts.

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