Nicolo Melli closes his NBA stage to return to Europe and sign with Milano

Melli could soon close his adventure in the NBA and hit the road home. The Italian international would be close to signing with him Armani
Milan and thus become one of its reference players for next year.

Melli, who has played the current season in New Orleans and Dallas, He was looking to feel important again and Milano has promised him just that. He will return to the team six years later, becoming one of the best players in his country.

The Italian club had to make room to undertake the operation and just yesterday decided to separate its path from that of Zach LeDay, one of its main players.

If this movement was closed, Melli would return to Europe after his last visit to the Fenerbahce in 2018. He played the match for the Euroleague title, losing against Real Madrid in Doncic despite being the top scorer in F4.

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