NBA sanctions security guard who confronted PJ Tucker

We seldom see significant altercations in the NBA. You little tangana that emerged a few days ago in the Bucks-Nets meeting was an exception to the rule. However, it has ended up affecting the work of one of the security guards of the meeting.

There were barely a few minutes left of the third quarter and Kevin Durant and PJ Tucker faced off. Immediately a security guard from Brooklyn appeared, the kind who are at the foot of the field. The man pushed Tucker away and now you will suffer the consequences.

Some rumors suggest that it was the Durant’s own personal bodyguard. Be that as it may, man will not work again during this tie in Milwaukee and he won’t have court functions during games in Brooklyn either.


That the members of the security team try to separate the players is common but the actions of this instigated a bigger brawl and shoving between the players. Tucker himself approached him to reproach him for his performance.

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