NBA fans forget home manners

The most visual example occurred in Philadelphia when a Sixers fan tossed popcorn at Russell Westbrook as he headed to the locker room after sustaining an ankle injury in Game 2 of the 76ers’ elimination against the Wizards.

“To be honest, this shit is getting out of hand”Westbrook appreciated shortly after suffering the umpteenth disrespect for him this season. “The amount of disrespect, the amount of fans who do what they fucking want is out of control. There are some things that cross a red line ”.

The Westbrook incident has prompted the Sixers to take strong measures against the fan who threw the popcorn: you will not be able to enter the Wells Fargo Center indefinitely and his annual subscription to attend Philadelphia’s home games has been voided.

They throw popcorn at Westbrook and have to hold him down

Similar measures have been taken by the New York Knicks, which also indefinitely prohibited entry to a hobbyist who spit on Trae Young during a game at Madison Square Garden.

The Utah Jazz also took action on the matter after learning that three fans gave racist insults to Ja Morant’s parents at the Vivint Arena in Salt Lake City. Jazz fans will also not be able to re-enter the team’s pavilion.

The wave of verbal and even physical violence in the stands has set off alarms in the NBA, which has explained through a statement that it will reinforce the rules of conduct in its pavilions and will work to create a healthier competitive environment both in the stands and on the track.

“The return of more fans to our pavilions has brought a lot of enthusiasm and energy to start these playoffs, but it is critical that we all show respect towards the rival players, referees and fans ”, communicated the competition in an open letter. “An improved code of conduct will be vigorously enforced to ensure a safe and respectful environment for all those involved”.

After a year or so without fans in the stands, it seems that some followers have built up the desire to sing and make a good noise. It is bad news that these madmen are still among the fans, but the good news is that the NBA and the teams have not hesitated for a second to make clear and forceful decisions on this troubling issue.

They are few, but they make noise. The idea is that in sport these behaviors will be extinguished in the future, and the initiative of the American league is on the right track.

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