Nadal reacts to criticism from Mallorca fans after congratulating Villarreal

Rafa Nadal’s congratulations to Villarreal for the conquest of the Europa League has generated numerous criticisms of the tennis player for this message. Most of the critics are fans of Mallorca, a team of which Rafa Nadal is a great fan and of which he is also an honorary member.

Many of the fans criticize that Nadal did not congratulate Mallorca on social networks after achieving direct promotion to the First Division and consummating his return to LaLiga Santander. Nadal wanted to downplay the absence of that congratulation, confirming that he has followed the entire Mallorca season. “Sometimes there are things that are not necessary or made public, they are taken for granted. My uncle Miquel Ángel played for Mallorca and I have lived, encouraged and vibrated as a Mallorca supporter in good times and in bad times”

Nadal was also criticized for congratulating Villarreal after the episode experienced by both clubs at the end of the 2009-2010 season, when a complaint from Villarreal left Mallorca out of the Europa League. “Villarreal? For me the rivalries anchored in the past do not make sense. A Spanish team won and I am happy about it. By the way this is the video that I sent from Rome to the coach of Mallorca to support the players. showed in the locker room before the game. “

In the video, Nadal appears sending a message of encouragement to the Mallorca squad before a match in the decisive stretch of the season and before the promotion arrives, coinciding with the presence of Nadal at the 1000 Masters in Rome. “Hello everybody. Less is left. I know you are having a fantastic season and it is worth making one last effort. From here from Rome I will be cheering you on. I have followed you all season and the truth is that I have enjoyed a lot and there is only that last little step left. A lot of encouragement, we will be here cheering and we will be in First Division soon. A big hug to all. Go!”

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