Musetti expelled from Toronto for violating the COVID protocol

Musetti expelled from Toronto for violating the COVID protocol

Italian tennis player Lorenzo Musetti has been expelled from the Canadian Master 1000, which is held in Toronto, for skipping the COVID protocol, as announced by the ATP Tour and Tennis Canada. Instead, the Australian will replace it. Max purcell.

Musetti was going to play his first game on Saturday, August 7 against the Ecuadorian Emilio gomez to try to get into the final draw, but the tournament organization has decided to expel him for skipping, along with his coach Simone tartarini, the COVID bubble to go out to buy food.

According to Gazzetta dello Sport, the Italian had problems when paying with the credit card the food that the organization forces to order so that the players dine in their rooms. As payment is not possible, Musetti and his coach went to an establishment that is 70 meters from the hotel and they paid without getting out of the car.

Immediately the organism of the National Bank Open issued a statement in which they stated that: “Lorenzo Musetti has been removed from the National Bank Open classification table, due to having left the environment controlled by COVID-19. According to the approval letter issued by the Public Health Agency of Canada , Anyone who leaves the environment violates the protocol for COVID-19 and will not be able to re-enter the tournament to compete“.

Simone Tartani argued that they have been “two days in the room between PCR and controls without being able to leave” and that both are vaccinated, and that either they did “14 days of quarantine” or they should “leave the country.” Therefore, both Musetti and his coach have decided to go straight to Cincinnati as they are “very disappointed.”

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