Murray comes out in defense of the toilets: “They have risen only 1%? It’s pathetic”

Andy Murray laments during his match against Oscar Otte at Wimbledon.

Tennis player Andy Murray vindicated the role of the toilets, described his salary increase of 1% as “pathetic” and pointed out that they deserve much more.

The Scotsman went to the third round of Wimbledon this Wednesday, a tournament in which the royal box was occupied by the Oxford vaccine developers and NHS workers, UK Health Service.

“I think the whole country has realized how important they are and that perhaps they have not had the recognition they deserve,” Murray said at a press conference after beating German Oscar Otte.

“It’s great that they were able to come and see some tennis. I hope they can enjoy it and hopefully politicians realize that they deserve more than what they are being paid right now, “he added.

“They have raised their salary what, 1%? It’s pathetic. They deserve much more than that, because they have done an incredible job to get us out of this pandemic, “added the Dunblane tennis player.

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