Muguruza: “I would like to advance more than ever, go far”

Muguruza: "I would like to advance more than ever, go far"

Garbiñe Muguruza, who has been in the capital of Spain for a few days now preparing the Mutua Madrid Open, he addressed the accredited media online this Tuesday to talk about how he is doing and the expectations he has for a tournament in which he has never managed to pass the eighth, the best result he obtained in 2018. He had just come from training and at the press conference found out that he will debut on Thursday or Friday against Sloane Stephens.

Sensations: “I have been training at altitude here to adapt as well as possible, I feel better than in Charleston. Although there is not as much time as it seems, I am better, still recovering and working as well as possible ”.

Expectations: “Here I always have high expectations, because I want to do very well, but my game does not quite fit the best, it is a combination of things. I always think I’m going to do better and I hope it’s this year, that’s why I’ve come before too ”.

Turning point in your career: “There was a time when everything was affecting me a lot and I was having a very bad time on the track. I realized that it was not necessary to punish himself so much and I thought, what happens what has to happen. Playing like that worked against me, and I started to lower expectations, work and be more humble when things go wrong. I took everything very seriously, now I am less worried about whether I play well or badly. I accept things and deal with what I have ”.

Objective: “Here I played good games that escaped, I played well and they did not fall on my side. I would like to advance more than ever and go far in the tournament ”.

South American tennis players: “It’s great that there are players like María Camila Osorio and that South American tennis has a high level, like the one Nadia Podoroska showed, but you have to be good to them, not put pressure on them or deify them as happens in some countries when there is a lot of desire to May a compatriot triumph ”.

Press and first rival: “With the press I had good moments when I played well and hard when I lost some games. It will be a very good first match for a first round and we have already met on the ground, so it will be interesting ”.

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