Movistar trolling La Sexta by the “old lady” who freed Marcelo from the polling station

The Brazilian Marcelo went to the European Liceo de La Moraleja to comply with the summons as a member at a polling station of the elections to the Madrid Assembly, and after being released he is part of the Real Madrid expedition that travels to London to play the second leg of the Champions League semifinals against Chelsea.

Marcelo fulfilled the obligations as a Spanish citizen, having dual nationality, and first thing in the morning he attended a voting table as a member. After the unsuccessful attempts of the player and Real Madrid to be released due to the trip to London that they carry out today, the Electoral Board could not release him as the period of one week that he had to allege justified and documented cause had passed.

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Finally Marcelo attended the appointment as a member at 8:30 a.m. and in the composition of the polling station he was released and was able to return to his home. The Brazilian is part of Zinedine Zidane’s squad list and will be one of the footballers who will seek a place in the Champions League final. You can complete the last training session with the group at Stamford Bridge from 8:00 p.m. Spanish time.

In case he had to complete election day, the club had arranged a private flight for him tonight so he could play against Chelsea on Wednesday. Finally, this did not happen because despite the fact that the person in charge did not appear, the second member offered to stay and freed the Brazilian. La Sexta reported what happened with a tweet perhaps not very well explained and then came the trolling of Movistar.

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