Morbo in the broadcast of the F1 Spanish GP on Telecinco: Gonzalo Serrano will compete against Antonio Lobato

Gonzalo Serrano, during a program of 'More than Cars'

Gonzalo Serrano, during a program of 'More than Cars'
Gonzalo Serrano, during a program of ‘More than Cars’

Mediaset He has chosen his team for the return of Formula 1 to Telecinco for the broadcast of the Spanish GP, which will be broadcast in the open, and will be in charge of an old acquaintance of the fans: Gonzalo serrano.

Fernando Alonso, at the Emilia Romaña GP in Imola

Formula 1 returns to Mediaset with the open broadcast of the Spanish GP

Together with the director of ‘More Than Cars‘, which will narrate from Madrid, will be the ex-driver Jaime Alguersuari, who already carried out this work in 2014 at Movistar F1 together with Josep Lluis Merlos and Joan Villadelprat, in addition to Ivan Vicario, editor of the magazine ‘Classic Cars‘and a great student of Formula 1 from his technical and historical point of view. In situ in the circuit will be Matías Prats, to get the statements of the pilots live.

Serrano was already one of the voices of the races in the times in which Telecinco broadcast the competition on a regular basis. Formed a tandem with Antonio Lobato placeholder image and among their joint narratives that ‘Sanganchao‘, when Lewis hamilton got caught in the pozzolana of the 2007 Chinese GP and his options for the world title became very complicated.

One of his great hallmarks of identity was the famous phrase with which he gave way to the start of each race: “If they blink they will miss it because this is Formula 1 in its purest form”.

When Lobato was signed by La Sexta (from there to Antena 3 and, after a few years away, he joined Movistar F1, now converted to DAZN F1), Serrano stayed by the wayside. The friendship between the two was very damagedAccording to sources close to both, to the point that on occasion public pujas were thrown.

This weekend there will therefore be a curious duel between the narrators. Lobato will change the usual studies in Madrid and will return to a Formula 1 paddock, where he will meet again for the first time on a circuit with Fernando Alonso since his return to competition.

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