Mookie Betts would be out of the diamond for ten days after hip problems

It is not the first time that Mookie Betts has suffered problems in this ...

Mookie Betts suffered a pain in his right hip prior to the match against Philadelphia on Tuesday, August 10, which is why he did not enter the summoned list and would now be in doubt to return to the series against the Phillies because he would have to wait at least ten days for his recovery.

It should be noted that the 28-year-old player who wears the number 50 for the Los Angeles team Dodgers manifested a hip condition while playing the sixth inning in the game on Friday, August 6, when his team lost against the Angels of the same city. However, he returned to the diamond on Saturday, although on Sunday he did not appear again, for this reason the Dodgers manager was questioned Daver Roberts, if Betts would go on the disabled list and answered that it was “very probable” according to the words that he took up ESPN.

The Dodgers will have to solve at least ten days without the right fielder in case an injury is confirmed, But it is not the first time that something similar has happened since in July 2021, Betts had to receive a dose of cortisone to calm a little the conditions of the season, but manager Roberts ruled out some type of tear in the hip, although it did not remove the possibility of Betts entering the operating room at the end of regular MLB games.

“I’m not sure we know what surgery would be required, but right now, that’s not on the table,” Roberts said of Mookie Betts during an interview for Los Angeles Times., even moments before he commented: “He came in sore, sore … he basically can’t play,” Roberts said. “I’m frustrated for Mookie because he wants to be there and he can’t do it physically. We had a day together on Saturday when we had everyone [en la alineaciĆ³n] as we imagine it “.

Until now, Batts has a record of 17 home runs, plus 43 RBIs at a .277 average. batting in 87 games for the Los Angeles team that is the recent MLB champion, so it will undoubtedly be a sensitive loss on the diamond.

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