MLB presents a new offer to end the lockout

Manfred presents a new offer.

TAfter an hour of negotiations on Saturday, Major League Baseball presented its new proposal to the lawyers of the unemployed players, though it only had a minor move.

Major League Soccer eliminated the penalty of a third round of the Amateur Draft for exceeding the luxury tax.

Directive maintained the plan to increase the limit from 210 million to 214 million in 2022 and 2023. They increased their proposal to 2,016 million in 2024, followed by 2,018 million and 222 million in the last two years of the proposal.

Bruce Meyer, the union’s bargaining leader, arrived with two members of the legal team to the session, just four days before the scheduled start from spring training.

This is just the fifth negotiating session on economic issues since the ninth bosses’ strike began. on December 2, after the five-year collective labor contract expired.

The clubs presented a 130-page offer that they hope could be the structure for a possible memorandum of understanding.

MLB has proposed increasing the minimum salary from $570,500 to $630,000 or an alternative stratified minimum of $615,000. for those who start in the Major Leagues, 650,000 for one year of service and 725,000 for two years – the latter increase from the 700,000 of the last proposal.

Major League Baseball also offered to increase the pre-arbitration reserve bonus from $10 million to $15 million. The syndicate is at $100 million.

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