MLB Extends Trevor Bauer’s License For Fifth Time In Resolving Sexual Misconduct Charge

Trevor Bauer remains under investigation for sexual conduct ...

Lan investigation against the Dodgers pitcher, Trevor Bauer for alleged sexual misconduct continues and therefore the MLB extended the administrative leave until August 20.

Despite the fact that on two occasions requested an extension of the hearing by Bauer’s legal team, It has been rescheduled for August 16 and 19 for a restraining order against the player.

The The accusation against the pitcher was made by a woman who claimed that Bauer had suffocated her until she lost consciousness on multiple occasions and even hit her in different areas of her body that led to the hospitalization over the course of two sexual encounters earlier in the year.

Bauer has strongly denied the allegations of sexual assault, qualifying the interactions between him and the woman as “totally consensual”.

With the investigation and trial ongoing, MLB may grant a player seven-day administrative leave under the domestic violence policy, but it must be approved by the MLB Players Association.

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