MLB could have 14-team playoffs and NBA-style draft

Lace negotiations for a new collective contract among MLB owners and players continue to advance and among the most recent proposals it would be the expansion of the playoffs to 14 teams, in addition to letting the division winners choose their opponent in the wild card.

According to information from ESPN, the proposal that is part of the most recent conversations between both parties to avoid a work stoppage includes that postseason 14 teams arrive, seven from each league, which would be the three division winners and four wild card teams.

The new format would work as follows:

+ The team with best record in each league will get the pass to the Divisional Series (Best of five)

+ The remaining two division winners they could choose their opponent in the wild card game between the last three teams. The division winner with the second best record would choose first, then three.

+ The wild card team with the best record will play against the wild card team that was not chosen.

+ The teams highest ranked would be the hosts of all three games in a best-of-three wild card round.

+ The Wild card round winners will advance to the Division Series, with the same format that already exists.

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