MLB 2022 work stoppage: How many times in history has the Major Leagues gone on strike and what happened to the tournaments?

How many strikes and lockouts have there been in the history of...

MMajor League Baseball and the players did not agree Monday on a new collective bargaining agreement, but they extended the deadline by 17 hours, to 5 p.m. on Tuesday, to save Opening Day. New proposals were made, but the situation did not change: baseball runs more and more risk of not starting the season on time.

The players rejected the last offer made by the owners and it is more and more likely that it will be the fourth occasion in the history that Major League Baseball He does not play a full season for work reasons.

When the MLB owners announced the lockout on December 2was the ninth time that baseball went on hiatus due to a labor conflict, but five times the problems were resolved.

On 1972differences over pensions and salary arbitration made the first week and a half of the season will not be played. The teams didn’t play the same number of games, which led to issues like the Red Sox being eliminated, by half a game, by the Tigers, who played one less game.

In 1981, the season was paused from June 12 to July 31, dividing the season into two parts, modifying the Playoffs, qualifying the leader of each half, leaving out teams that had the best overall record, but were not the best in their division in one half.

The third and last time baseball was stopped was in 1994. The strike began on August 12 and the postseason and World Series were suspended for the first time since 1904. After 232 days, on April 2, the strike ended and the 1995 season was played. Only the hockey strike, which canceled the entire 2004/05 seasonhas been the largest in the history of sports in the United States.

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