Mitchell is too much for the Clippers

Donovan Mitchell is the fittest star At this point in the NBA playoffs, his electric and infallible game has led to the Utah Jazz to lead two
-0 the tie in the Conference Semifinals over the Los Angeles Clippers, who have not found any way to curb the rival star’s talent.

Last night, with a 117-111 win, the Jazz extended their lead in the series and they left the Salt Lake City pavilion ecstatic, every day louder as the control of the pandemic advances in the United States. Mitchell, with 37 points, 3 rebounds and 4 assists, was again too much for LA defense

The game of ’45’, boosted by Dwyane Wade from the band, keep reaching new heights as days go by. His great game was forged in the first half, in which he scored 27 points of his 37 total to place 64-53 at halftime.

Mitchell’s excellence contrasted once more with the Irregular appearances by Kawhi Leonard and Paul George in the tie. Both LA stars appeared in the second half, with 21 points for the ‘Claw’ and 27 points for PG. His percentages, however, were not as optimal as they would like for his team in the match against the best record of the regular season.

Kawhi and George accumulated 16 out of 35 in field goals, a statistic that contrasts with Mitchell’s 15 of 29. It is not a big difference, but it is part of the explanation of the 2-0 down in the round. R
Eggie Jackson, in fact, was the one who led the Clippers in his comeback operation with 29 points and 11 of 19 in field goals.

The operation, which l
ogró cut the 21 disadvantage in the second quarter, it was cut short by the excellent work of Mitchell and the choral artwork that these Jazz are. Jordan Clarkson, with 24 points from the bench, He knew how to dominate the moments of rest of the referent of Utah.

Then, in the worst moments of the fourth quarter, the Jazz always found a play from their wide repertoire to counter the opponent’s grip. Joe Ingles, author of 19 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists, put the triple that put the +10 (113-103) in the absence of three minutes for the conclusion.

Also appeared Bojan bogdanovic, that in addition to their 16 points starred in a fierce defense over Kawhi, included an elemental robbery in the final minutes. His work behind was key in the containment of Tyron Lue’s team, which received An avalanche of triples (20 of 39) by the opponent.

The Jazz accumulate six consecutive victories right now and have three games above the 17 triples at least, something never seen in a playoffs. “You can’t dig a hole like that against a good team.. Then you have to spend all your energy on the comeback and you run out of gas to finish, “said the LA coach.

Rudy Gobert, who received his third award for Best Defender in the league before the game, celebrated with 13 points and 20 rebounds, his best under the hoops in a playoffs. The French also added 2 steals and 3 blocks to celebrate his defensive excellence.

Faced with such a repertoire, the Clippers missed Best Side Version as Luke Kennard (3 points, 1-1 TC) or Patrick Beverley (3 points, 0-5 TC). Only their three main references in these playoffs, Kawhi, PG and Jackson, reached the double digits.

As it happened to the Mavericks, l
Angelenos start the tie 2-0 down, although this time they will have the opportunity to recover at home, a Staples Center that is preparing to receive the young star who shines the most at this time in the league.

Mitchell, for now, is being too much for these Clippers.

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