Milwaukee, all head-to-head from the Budenholzer slate

When everything seemed against, the budenholzer slate. Yes, that of that coach who did not know how to adjust, who was unable to improvise and who would never win something with the wind against him. The Milwaukee
Bucks They have moved one win away from the championship ring of the NBA.

When the qualifying round for the title started 2-0 in favor of the SunsThey all jumped on the Milwaukee coach. You couldn’t stop Booker or Paul Antetosystem it didn’t work and the other players were unable to contribute. What could they do?

The first big change was Jrue. His defense over Chris Paul marked a before and after in the series. CP3 has not been the same again and is the great highlight of the Suns in the defeats of his team.

In addition, Bud has managed to recover the best version of Khris Middleton. It has done so by opening the field, generating spaces and, above all, bringing Giannis Antetokounmpo to the basket.

The Greek is playing “false five” more than ever. It does so to the detriment of Brook Lopez, who has seen a decrease in his minutes to lead to quintets that allow to exploit the virtues of Anteto. Enough of triples and long shots, the Greek must wreak havoc in the area.

This has allowed Middleton soak up much more ball and space in the middle distance has become his particular yard. He won’t be the MVP if they win, but he certainly deserves it too. As if that were not enough, he has also recovered Jrue.


The Bucks point guard made three horrendous games but has turned the tables. He has done it from behind, to those who insist on repeating the ditty that the NBA does not defend itself. Jrue defends, bites and steals, he does steal. The ball he takes from Booker in Game 5 may well be worth a ring.

Now everything is face to face. Milwaukee plays at home again, has his first match-ball and an upward trend that the Phoenix team would like the most. They have managed to find the key to reverse a situation that looked horrible.

And yet all the parties are being decided by the minimum. Even with Budenholzer settings, the exhibitions of Middleton or Anteto, equality still reigns in the NBA Finals. The Suns can’t fail, tonight they have to force the seventh or die trying.

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