Mexico’s Luis Urías equals the extra-base record in an MLB game

Luis Urías fired three doubles and a pair of home runs in the Milwaukee Brewers game against the Chicago Cubs the afternoon of this Thursday, August 12 at Wrigley Field to mark a historic event by being the only Mexican to hit five extra-base hits in a major league game.

With this record he tied the MLB record and thanks to that he helped his team beat the Cubs on the road with a score of 17 runs to four. Thus, the institution of Milwaukee continues in first place of the Central conference of the National League in Major League Baseball.

The Sonoran entered the diamond in the second episode to connect the first extra base. While in the second shift he could not do anything and had to leave the field to wait for a new opportunity after five runs scored by his team.

But things would not stop there, well on his third turn, he hit the ball to score a double. Already in the sixth inning he would finish scoring another pair and thus make history within the diamond of the most important league of baseball in the world.

It should be noted that the Mexican still has a career ahead of him with 24 years in a career that contemplates 22 home runs, plus 95 RBIs and a .237 batting average as a professional.

The Milwaukee, meanwhile, dominated almost the entire game by humiliating Chicago’s after scoring 17 runs; five of them came in the second high inning, while a pair of poker fell in the fifth and sixth inning, at which point the Cubs left the game because they knew they were beaten and the rest of innings were only due to processing.

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