Medvedev to the judge: “The stadium is full of idiots”

Daniil Medvedev lost his temper again during the final, as it happened in the semifinals against Stefanos Tsitsipas, when he called Spanish judge Jaume Campistol “idiot” and “fool” and was fined 7,500 euros.

Rafa had just broken the Russian’s serve in the fourth set to make it 3-2 when, in the exchange, Medvedev addressed the judge: “It’s not enough. The stadium is full of idiots. If you have to say it 25 times, you say it. With idiots, asking please is not enough.”, he let out angrily. The one from Moscow was referring to the fact that, between serves, some fans made annoying noises. “They have an empty brain, possibly their life must be very bad,” he went on to say.

And it is that the public was mostly on Nadal’s side. Also in the fourth set, the crowd celebrated an unforced error by Medvedev and he sarcastically applauded. Then after a double fault he gave a thumbs down gesture.

In the fifth, the Australian judge turned serious. “If they keep yelling, I’ll send security,” he threatened into the microphone.

Medvedev was highly critical after his second-round victory over Nick Kyrgios at Rod Laver Arena, complaining about boos between serves.

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