McGregor wins swear duel with Mayweather

In the second head to head between American boxer Floyd Mayweather and mixed martial arts champion (anything goes) Conor McGregor, the latter appeared to have taken the palms on Wednesday before some 15,000 spectators in Toronto, Canada. The so-called ‘Money’ had to accept defeat in the duel of swear words recited during an extensive presentation, the second of four scheduled for their August 26 fight in Las Vegas. According to the American press, the bitches did not come down, the mother talked, asked to shut up, a whole arsenal full of bad words. According to Mayweather, they are giving the public what they want to see, although they have been far from taking a hit. Both are apparently selling well in next month’s Las Vegas showdown. McGregor, knowing that he had the support of the fans, yelled everything at his counterpart. The Irishman made fun of Mayweahter because he doesn’t know how to dress, because of his fondness for strip clubs and much more. “I want to tell the boxing experts that they are crazy, he is too small, he is the biggest bitch that boxing has ever had,” McGregor said to the approval of the fans. “If you really believe in yourself, then bet your bag, B,” Mayweather told him for his part. “He says that I run all the time, of course, I have (record) 49-0, every time I have run to the bench,” Mayweather replied who added: “How many years have you been at the top, one, two or three? I’ve been 21 years. ” Following the intense verbal head-to-head, Mayweather and McGregor will visit New York on Thursday to close out the tour in London on Friday.

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