Marcell Ozuna posts a $ 20,000 bond after being accused of domestic violence

Marcell Ozuna pays bail to get out of jail.

ANDThe Braves player, Marcell Ozuna was released from prison on Monday after paying a deposit of $ 20,000 for aggravated assault charges and strangulation against his wife.

Ozuna was arrested on Saturday when the Officers from Atlanta’s Sandy Springs suburb saw him attack his wife when they answered a 911 call at that address. They entered the house and saw the player grab his wife by the neck and throw her against the wall, in addition to hitting her with the plaster that he has in his left hand. His release was conditioned in addition to bail with staying away from his wife.

According to information from ESPN, the lawyers reported that he was in the process of divorce and that Genisis Ozuna was arrested on a domestic violence charge in Miami a year ago.

Given this, it is expected that the MLB issues a statement and a punishment that could put him out of the Major Leagues for a long time as stipulated in the domestic violence policy of the league and the Players’ Union.

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