Marc Márquez: “I am bruised. I have very contracted cervicals”

Marc Márquez, Repsol Honda rider.

Marc Márquez, Repsol Honda rider.
Marc Márquez, Repsol Honda rider.

Marc Márquez he finished in ninth position in what was his second race since returning from injury, and he did so after a rather tough accident in FP3, which caused more than one to put their hands on their heads.

Pedro Acosta, in the Spanish GP of Moto3

Pedro Acosta is on the path of legend: the first driver in history to achieve 4 podiums in his first 4 races

“I find myself bruised. In fact, today Dr. Charte and his entire team have been controlling me a little and in this I will always be honest with my feelings, because now I have very contracted cervicals and lats “explained the pilot after the race. “The cervicals many times, depending on where the neck goes, you can get a little dizzy, but it hasn’t happened to me at any time of the day and that’s why I was able to run the race. This in a fall like yesterday affects, but The important thing is that at the level of the arm, which is what worries me the most right now, I have felt better and that is important”.

Precisely when referring to the crash in FP3, Marc Márquez alluded to the fact that the loopholes on the circuits are getting shorter and shorter in relation to the speed that can be reached in MotoGP. “It goes faster and faster. There are older circuits such as Jerez or Mugello that remain small because what the Safety Commission does is protect with the airfence, that help a lot but we have to see reality because if the motorcycle arrives ahead of you at airfence this one not long ago ”, analyzed the Spaniard. “It is an issue to value and the other thing is also related to the issue of loopholes, because motorcycles are not much more powerful but because they have the systems holeshot it makes it possible to take advantage of all the power and it makes you have to hold on stronger and it influences that physically it is harder and harder ”.

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