Luka Doncic already has his own holiday

Luka Doncic has achieved many things in a very short time. Most of them, if not all, have been on a basketball court. To his stunning resume at 22, the Slovenian you can celebrate your own holiday from now on, the ‘Luka Doncic Day’.

Dallas county, city where the Dallas Mavericks play, decided to acknowledge the merits of Doncic around the city and established that July 6 will from now on be a day dedicated to celebrating the figure of the young base of the Texas franchise.

This last year, Doncic has donated with his teammates $ 500,000 in favor of health workers who fought the coronavirus pandemic on the front line. In February, and with franchise owner Mark Cuban, the Slovenian donated $ 1.2 million to help in the recovery of a snow storm in the city.

Among the reasons to celebrate your new prodigal son, those responsible for making the decision highlighted the player’s contribution to the city both on and off the court, and they named his incredible playoff numbers and the fact that Doncic has become the youngest player to enter the top two teams of the NBA season.

Judge Clay Jenkins led the panel that made the decision on the creation of the new holiday, with a representative who abstained and commented that Doncic still had to do much more for the community.

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