Lillard doubts about his future: “We are not good enough”

Damian Lillard has always repeated that he wants to win an NBA title with the Portland Trail Blazers. His elimination last night at the hands of the Denver Nuggets in the first round of the 2021 playoffs has once again given a blow to reality to the star point guard of the Oregon team, who was critical of the situation of the franchise:

“We have not won a championship so we are not good enough for now.. I don’t know what changes have to take place or should be attempted, but the way things are, we are not good enough. We have lost to a team that had neither its base nor its starting guard, and if that doesn’t even give us for a first-round series, obviously we are not in a good place ”.

Lillard’s raw words revealed his despair. He has done his best to try to avoid elimination, but his true aspiration is the ring. His great video game matches have been of little use and have not prevented defeat.

On Instagram, Dame was even more cryptic and perhaps more forceful about her aspirations now: “¿Until when should I remain committed? How long does it take for the opportunity to meet the preparation? “. The phrase, a verse by rapper Nipsey Hussle, left Portland fans with serious doubts about the continuity of their star.

Social networks are already boiling with rumors of Lillard changing teams and landing in Los Angeles or Milwaukee, two of the destinations he has been associated with on other occasions.

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