LeBron James to wear ‘6’ instead of ’23’ next season

James it will change its bib after the summer. The king will abandon his characteristic number 23 to wear 6 starting next season. The change will be official after the premiere of Space Jam 2, his film with the Toon Squad.

The number change is not new for James. Despite wearing 23 for most of his career, LeBron had to change his number when he signed with Miami. The Heat had retired the 23 in honor of Michael Jordan and James chose 6.

With that number he managed two championship titles in South Beach, before returning to Cleveland and choosing number 23 again. When he landed in The Angels and after the arrival of Anthony Davis it was speculated that it could yield the 23 to her new partner, but she eventually kept the number.

Now, despite the change, it seems that Davis will also keep his current number, number 3, even if LeBron goes back to 6. It’s still too early to tell but James could become the one first player in history with four numbers withdrawn.

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