Laso: “We have one final to enter the final”

Real Madrid coach Pablo Laso said that they must immediately forget the defeat suffered this Tuesday at the Valencia Basket court and understand that on Thursday they will face in their pavilion “A final to enter the final.”

“They have dominated the game almost from the first play and we every time we did a good deed we did a bad deed and we did not chain. We did not have the feeling of being able to link, we have been very jerky and that is punished by Valencia, “he said at the subsequent press conference.

Laso said that before Thursday’s clash they must understand that if Tuesday’s game had been equalized and they would have lost it “by a triple in the last second” they would be “the same” and that they should not let defeat affect them.

“I am concerned about the safe physical aspect, because we are going to need all the energy of the team,” said Laso, who admitted that Carlos Alocen He did not finish the match due to muscular problems although he hopes to count on him.

“We have to value it. We tried to control the minutes because it was touching the leg and I hope it is nothing serious to us, “he said.

For his band, the Valencia Basket coach, Jaume ponsarnau, was very satisfied with the triumph with which this Tuesday they forced the tiebreaker in the semifinal, although he warned that to go to the grand final they will have to “improve even more”.

“We must fully respect Madrid’s ability for the next game, They are specialists, they are very good”, He pointed out at the press conference after the crash.

Ponsarnau said that they started “with a different five to change the dynamics” proposed by Madrid in the first match. “We have found energy, strength, inspiration and quality. We have found twelve players and the battles we lost in the first match we have handled much better. We have been solid “, he congratulated himself.

Ponsarnau was satisfied to have had “Greater balance” in the base position and having been able to take advantage of the losses of his rival in this position.

“Martin Hermannsson’s rotation has been very good in this one, since (Juan) Núñez has respected him this time and we have pressured him from above, but sure they will find the formula”, He predicted. On Thursday it will be decided who goes to the final of the Endesa League.

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