Laso, best coach in the regular league

Laso, technician of the Real
Madrid, was awarded the award to Best Coach of the 2020-21 regular phase by the Spanish Association of Basketball Coaches (AEEB)said the organization through a statement.

It is the fifth time that the Vitoria coach receives this recognition from the AEEB, after having collected it in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2018.

The 34 victories of the white team and the conquest of the Super Cup of Spain – for the third time in a row – “they have allowed him to be named this season by the AEEB as the best coach in the regular phase,” said the organization.

For the election of the best coach of the regular phase “the AEEB it computes the results harvested throughout the season ”.

“Each day of competition is assigned a score according to whether the victories have occurred at home or away, the difference in points obtained and the classification of the rival team at that time,” explained the agency.

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