La Fonteta, from 1,500 spectators at noon to none in the afternoon

The pavilion of the Font de Sant Lluís this Sunday welcomed 1,500 spectators in its stands to attend the final of the Women’s League between Valencia Basket and the Perfumery Avenue, but then the meeting of the League
Endesa between the Valencian team and Movistar Students it was behind closed doors.

The situation, caused by the restrictions to curb COVID-19, is not new, but it was especially striking this Sunday, since throughout the season reduced attendance has been allowed at women’s competitions (League, Cup Y Eurocup) as they are considered as non-professional tournaments and depend on the decision of the Higher Sports Council (CSD).

In the case of the men’s team, their tournaments are considered professional and the ban on public attendance is set by the health authorities.

The Valencian team has played this campaign the Euroleague behind closed doors and has played away matches in this competition with nearly five thousand fans as there are different restrictions in each country.

The Valencian club, which received permission to have 500 fans in the stands in the semifinals of the League
Female, asked for the capacity to be increased for this final and the Generalitat on Friday authorized new generic rules that allowed it to host 1,500 followers.

The Valencian entity deployed a protection plan with taking the temperature at the entrance of the venue, plus security personnel, who verified the necessary safety distance between attendees, and constant reminders by public address of the protection measures.

The players were very satisfied to be able to play again in front of so many people. “At first I had even the creeps. This gives us life “, recognized the player of the Valencia
Basket Leticia Rosemary.

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