Juan Soto appears at Dodger Stadium wearing a Trea Turner jersey in the wild card game

Lyou Nationals were eliminated from the major league finals after remaining in last place in the East of the National League, but this was not reason enough for Juan Soto appeared in wild card games to support his former team and former partner with whom he even won a World Series.

Los Angeles Dodgers and St. Louis Cardinals measured forces to meet the latest wild card guest and face the San Francisco Giants who swept the regular season with a 107-55 record.

But the most surprising thing is that Juan Soto went to the stands at Dodger Stadium with Trea Turner’s name on his back. to cheer him on as the camera caught him just as Turner hit a hit as both teams were tied for one run.

Kevin Long, Washington’s hitting coach, also entered the Los Angeles compound but he did so with a Max Scherzer T-shirt, It should be noted that Turner and Scherzer were traded to the Dodgers in the mid-regular season.

Juan jose Soto remained motivated throughout the match, even sent encouragement through social networks such as “Come on Turner”, the funny thing is that in his right hand he had the championship ring that he got with the Dodgers.

Dave Roberts, manager of the Angelina institution, managed to say that “That (Soto) is a boy who loves baseball” in words that he took up mlb.com

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