José Urquidy, the man of steel for the Astros

Lyou Houston Astros they had to come from behind to prevent Atlanta to be crowned in Game 5 of the World Series And he did it thanks to his hitters and relievers who had the Braves in control, especially José Urquidy.

The Mexican pitcher had to come to the rescue in the fourth inning to take over, managing to get all three outs and allowed a single hit, getting his second victory in the same World Series and the third in his career being the Latin American with the most triumphs in the title fight.

But its main point to highlight is that He has done this work without issuing a single passport. After his Game 5 activity, Urquidy had 11.2 innings worked in his career in the World Series with an ERA of 1.54, being the fourth pitcher to achieve it in history.

It hadn’t happened since 1934 that a pitcher failed to walk in at least 11.2 innings, joining John Smoltz (with 12 IP in 1991), Johnny Sain (18 IP in 1948-51) and Schoolboy Rowe (35.1 IP, 1934-35), according to ESPN data.

On the other hand, Urquidy is the third pitcher with that same record of innings worked without walking in games for the crown since 2000 with Madison Bumgarner (18 IP, 2014) and Roger Clemens (13.1 IP, 2001-2005).

Although for his work in the Game 5 Urquidy will no longer be the starter of Game 6, handing over the job to Luis García, so he could be considered as a reliever depending on the match situation.

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