José Urquidy is not available to start Game 6 and rookie Luis García comes out to remove

Jose Urquidy It was part of the secret weapon of the Houston Astros after eliminating the rival with a single hit and three outs in the somersault that his team gave to the Atlanta Braves.

But it’s not all good news, because the mexican must take a break mandatory and that’s why Luis García, the rookie must climb the mound as a starter. Notably, the information dictated what Urquidy would be in charge of opening the sixth game of the Autumn Classic.

Dusty Baker, Astros manager, stated that he had the confidence towards the rookie player to try to tie a series that goes 3-2 against him and that of losing the next game of this Tuesday, October 2 they would leave the title in the hands of the Braves.

“We believe that it is the best for the job. We realize they have a short leash, but then everyone has a short leash and operates with little or no rest, “he commented. Baker during the press conference on Monday, November 1, prior to his appointment with destiny.

Anyway there is a good arsenal for Baker since without counting Kendall Graveman, all relievers are available for this Tuesday. Graveman had a record of 37 pitches in a pair of Game 5 innings the Astros won.

“We have [Jake] Odorizzi. We could go back with [José] Urquidy because yesterday was its launch day, but I prefer not to. So we have a complete option [de relevistas]”The manager explained that he has no margin for error if he wants the title.

A) Yes, Urquidy must rest and seek to be the hero pfor a hypothetical seventh game of the World Series. Trust, then, will be placed in their colleagues doing a good job, including Garcia who accumulates 72 pitches in three innings when he got to the plate in Game 3.

“Nothing changed. I just had to do things [preparación] faster, I can say that. But nothing has changed, “Baker continued to later say that Jason has a low probability of playing after being moved to the Covid-19 list.

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