José Altuve experiences a hostile welcome on his return to Yankee Stadium: Boos and posters for the theft of signs

José Altuve is booed on his return to Yankee Stadium and they remember ...

Tflush the return of the public to the stadiums in the Major Leagues, the boos against the Houston Astros have been present and this Tuesday, the controversial ninth had a hostile reception at Yankee Stadium. One of the main ones pointed out by the fans was José Altuve, who was one of the victims between boos and posters.

When the Venezuelan entered the batting box, It didn’t take long for people to get noticed and immediately berated Altuve in different ways. Signs that hinted at signal theft marked the Astros’ stay in New York.

Hundreds of fans in the building showed their disapproval against the slugger, who had no choice but to bear the claims of the public. The moment of the massive boo was caught by the cameras and it immediately became a trend on social networks.

Some posters called the team cheats while others remembered the names of the main protagonists of the scandal of the season in 2017. Among the players who most appeared in the middle of the controversy were Altuve, Correa, Gurriel or Bregman.

For its part, throughout the campaign also images have been presented such as garbage cans thrown into the field by amateurs, in addition to different claims towards the baseball players every time they enter the stadiums. In this way it has been shown that despite the fact that the scandal has been coming to light for about two years, it does not end up being forgotten among the fans.

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