Jordan Clarkson leads the overwhelming attack of the Jazz, who recover the best record

The base Jordan clarkson scored 30 points and led the sweeping attack and winner of the Utah Jazz, which were imposed by beating from 126-94 to the San antonio spurs and they once again have the best record in the Western Conference and in the League.

The Croatian forward Bojan bogdanovic He also maintained his great moment of play and scoring inspiration and contributed another 24 points that helped the triumph of the Jazz (48-18).

With the victory of the Atlanta Hawks by 135-103 on the Phoenix suns, the Jazz regained first place in the NBA and Western Conference playoff career despite the fact that the shooting guard Donovan Mitchell (ankle) and the base Mike conley (hamstring) missed yet another match.

Power forward Luka samanic scored 15 points to lead the Spurs for the first time this season.

The escort Devin Vassell and the power forward Drew eubanks they had 14 each with Spurs (31-34), who have lost five straight games as they struggle to avoid the final spot in the NBA regular season within the Western Conference.

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