Jokic received his MVP by surprise in the middle of a technical talk

The awards Mvp lately they have been announced by surprise and the NBA has not wanted to be less. Nikola
Jokic, chosen this year’s winner, received the news in the middle of a technical talk from his team, with the players focusing on the coach’s speech and on the video screen.

“Sorry to interrupt your meeting but I have some important news to give you. It is an honor to announce that Nikola Jokic is the MVP of this year, “he said. Adam
Silver, commissioner of the NBA, who appeared by surprise on the screen. “Congratulations, Nikola.”

The ovation was general in the balance and the technician Mike
Malone explained that he was “the first MVP in the history of the Nuggets”And the first by a second-round draft pick in history. In fact, his choice went unnoticed at the 2014 ceremony and some have even recalled that that moment was not picked up by ESPN cameras that were broadcasting a fast food ad.

Jokic He thanked the award but above all he dedicated it to his colleagues, of whom he said that “without you I would not have been able to get it.

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