Joc Perderson and the strange record that makes him Mr. World Series

Lyou Atlanta Braves had to be perfect to beat the Astros at home and clinch their firstWorld Series in 26 years. With a ninth full of players who little by little were working their way, there was one who was the darling of the fans: Joc Pederson.

‘Joctober’ as they nickname him, came to Atlanta to make his mark and be one of the key pieces to take the team to the postseason and then on the way it was part of the important victories of each round that led to him winning the World Series together with his teammates and keep a record that few players in the Major League Baseball history can boast.

And it is that, with this title, Pederson adds his second World Series in his career after having achieved it a year ago with the Dodgers, being the ninth player in the Big Top that get the crown in consecutive years.

The record is so rare that the last time It happened was in the 2015 and 2016 seasons, when Ben zobrist he managed to lift the title with the Royals and then the Cubs the following season. From there they would live the same story Jake peavy (2013 Red Sox, 2014 Giants), Ryan theriot (2011 Cardinals, 2012 Giants), Jack morris (1991 Twins, 1992 Blue Jays), Don gullett (1976 Reds, 1977 Yankees) Bill skowron (1962 Yankees, 1963 Dodgers), Clem labine (1959 Dodgers, 1960 Pirates), Allie clark (1947 Yankees, 1948 Indians).

Joc Pederson is already a legend in Atlanta and one of the darlings of the fans, but he also makes it clear that he is one of the best in the majors.

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